Galeri Addeen was first found in 2012 by Mohd Nasir Ghazali. Primarily located in Jalan Taiping, Klang it was then moved to Jalan Nangka, Klang (opposite Masjid Bandar Diraja Klang) and still.

Galeri Addeen derived from the word “Deen” which means the way of life in which we acknowledge Allah SWT alone as the posessor of all power and majesty and submit ourselves to Him.

Allah says:

The only (true) Deen in the sight of God is (man’s) self-surrender (to Him). ~ Al `Imran 3:19 ~

Our goal is to instill modesty in fashion and pleasure in seeking knowledge. We believe, by delivering you with syariah compliant garments, Ibadah apparels and Islamic books and kitabs, Insyaallah we can uplift our society to a better way Islamic way of life.

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